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NGK-spark plugs

NGK-spark plugs

  • Spark plugs from NGK guarantee a top quality!
  • Over 90% of all Japanese motorcycles are equipped with NGK products at the factory!
  • As inconspicuous as a spark plug is, its effect on consumption, willingness to start and the engine’s level of performance is so unique. The vehicle manufacturers have determined the optimal candle for a bike in long series of tests – so be sure to adhere to the factory specification!
  • All spark plugs marked with an “R” have an integrated 5 kOhm suppression resistor, which is only necessary if 5 kOhm suppression plugs are not already used. A total of 5 kOhm interference suppression per cylinder is sufficient, over 10 kOhm can reduce the ignition energy of the spark.
  • Further information, e.g. which key size is required can be found under the documents tab and “explanation / further information on NGK spark plug designation”
  • If you can’t find the right candle for your vehicle right away, please use our product display under “My Bike” (top navigation bar)!
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before (!) Buying and before (!) Installing spark plugs, you must always make sure that the selected spark plugs correspond exactly to the specifications and releases from the manufacturer’s operating manual! If your operating manual is not at hand, contact your specialist workshop or your motorcycle manufacturer! Only use products and specifications that are approved for your vehicle! Failure to do so can result in serious damage to your vehicle, for which we assume any liability and warranty in advance
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