Battery holder

180,00 330,00 
0 out of 5

Super nice battery holder for your Scrambler or Cafer Racer conversion.

Bellows incl. fastening material

0 out of 5

The bellows makes your motorcycle look beefier and is also a dust protection.

BMW Gabelbrücke

39,00 49,00 
0 out of 5

BMW Gabelbrücke für viele R-Modelle.

Passend dazu der schöne Motogadget Tacho “Motoscope Mini” mit dem Halter der direkt den Lenker Klemmt.

Boxer Sheet

0 out of 5

BMW Boxer plate used to be mounted on the side of the fork.

License plate holder

150,00  99,00 
0 out of 5

Number plate holder for BMW R models with stereo shock absorber.

We have developed a license plate holder for you that fits plug and play to your motorcycle.